My life is art and art is my life.

Since my childhood I play several instruments and paint. Over the years I have started other hobbies. Feel my passion for art with me here.



With my perfect pitch I play several instruments and sing.

In Russia I recorded my own classical music CD. At the moment I sing more modern music.

Shilikhina Polina - Dream. music Rachmaninov, lyrics by K. Balmont

Shilikhina Polina - Islet. music S. Rachmaninov, lyrics by A. Pleshcheeva

Shilikhina Polina - Moth and Violet. music G. Fauré, lyrics by V. Hugo


Light Installations

LEDs make my eyes light up.

Solder, set up and program yourself...

Life has different colors.



Beauty needs to be taken care of.



Whether paper or coffee, whether water colors or acrylic, painting enriches my life.


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